We are very excited to launch our partnership with Google for Education

as we introduce our first live online HEED class, Computer Programing!

Introduction to Computer Science

Hey Siri! Artificial Intelligence and Computer Programming with Python 

LIVE ON LINE with Mr. Seth Lowrey

Tuition: $500 (32 weeks)

Materials fee $15

Learning to program computers is a valuable skill that starts in elementary school for many, but is soon left behind for core courses when students reach middle and high school.  The future demand for great programmers is increasing, and the demand for technically skilled individuals in all areas of business is exploding.  In addition, the number of systems that utilize AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is expanding rapidly with familiar names like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.  


The job demands for people familiar with various aspects of AI and Machine Learning, and the opportunities for entrepreneurs in this field, will be astounding in our generation as AI presses forward in areas such as self-driving cars, smart homes, business analysis, security, communications, and robotics.  


The first semester of this course gives students a solid intermediate foundation with the Python language, which is commonly used globally to create programs and web sites, and which is used widely in research and electronics specialties to prototype and build AI and Robotics systems.  


In the second semester, students will receive an introduction to AI and machine learning, with access to online AI computing resources. This will give the student hands on experience with AI models and computer learning processes which are the foundations of all AI technology.

The book, Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming will be required.  The materials fee covers cost of online computer systems that students will use to do experiments in AI.


This course is open to high school students and 8th graders with strong math skills.

Once tuition and fees have been paid they are nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

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