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Dual  Enrollment

HEED OT and NT Bible Classes are now available as college credit classes for students in grades 10-12

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*High School Christian Foundations

It is our hope and prayer that all HEED families enroll in the Christian Foundations Track that we are introducing this year.  This 3-year High School track will reinforce the foundations of your student's faith and prepare them to understand what they believe and why they believe it.  Additionally, we believe these three courses will be the preparation to equip them for their futures in college and career.  These course can be taken in any order or concurrently.  Students completing all three courses will be recognized at graduation by wearing a special colored cord. 

Students choosing to remain at HEED during an open period will need to register for STUDY HALL.  As always students may only stay for one open period between classes.  Study hall is only available 1st and 5th period with permission when there is a carpool issue.  

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