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  • The thought of homeschooling  high school students, and having then adequately prepared for college seemed completely overwhelming to us until HEED!  The support and direction we have received from the directors and teachers has been amazing!  The combination of small class sizes, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate teachers, and a true love and concern for their students and families makes HEED a community of excellence. 

  • When it was time for my youngest son to enter high school we chose to put him in several classes at HEED. Why?  The advanced level of academics that HEED offered was impressive. I had heard how they searched…not just for “a” teacher…but for “THE” right teacher, one who was a master teacher in that field. 

  • As parents of two young men who are in college now, HEED was a vital part of our middle and homeschool years.  Not only were our sons able to get to know other young men and women with similar life and spiritual goals, but the academics and study skills learned were outstanding.  The quality teachers and leadership of HEED is definitely one that brings glory to God and raises the bar for home educating. The specific help that it is to parents in the high school years is excellent. 

  • Thank you HEED Directors for making all the difference in our homeschool journey. Your counseling, guidance, wisdom and encouragement have transformed our doubt filled thoughts into excitement, knowledgeable and purpose driven choices for a successful future in our daughters' educations.

  • One of the biggest ways God blessed us during our homeschool journey was through the Heed program.  It was at Heed that both our son and our daughter, both now in College, received excellent educational instruction and established life-long godly friendships. We are also so grateful that Sue Puchferran guided us through the transition from high school to college. The valuable academic advising we received regarding transcripts, college choices and scholarships was an amazing blessing for our family.  

  • The Lord has unique plans and purposes for each of our children and Sue helped us to see that and explained to us a myriad of different options that would best suit the needs of my son.  I so appreciate her help and the wisdom the Lord has gifted her with  in assisting us to map out a 4 year high school plan and understanding the dual enrollment system with the many options that it brings.  I  highly recommend seeking a guidance and planning session with Sue Puchferran.  

  • ​Every aspect of HEED has benefited our family. The directors are professional and passionate about what they have to offer and are there to advise you along the way. Their encouragement over the years kept us going! The instructors are the best and they really have a heart to teach! They made each subject as interesting as it could be and my kids excelled in each class. My daughter realized how much she appreciated them once she went to college!  HEED is the major reason that our homeschool journey has been a success! 

  • Our two oldest boys, both now in college and one of them married, thrived at HEED. It was a community we could trust which encouraged excellence not only academically but socially and most importantly spiritually. From the directors and their loving support to our family, to the teachers and their passion for the kids, HEED not only helped us through high school and transition into college but became a place where eternal friendships were created. 

  • We had heard about HEED years before our children were the appropriate ages to attend. The knowledge of what HEED offered allowed us to answer questions confidently in the younger years about the ability to homeschool successfully into the high school years. Since entering HEED, we have been blessed by the ability to continue to plan schedules, in accordance with our students’ abilities, on a course by course basis. The classes provide an accountability for us that “doing it on our own” lacks, while still allowing us to work within the flexibility of a homeschool family schedule.  HEED has been a huge blessing to our family and we are excited and thankful to enter the high school years with confidence! ​​​

from Students


  • HEED is a great place to learn in a fun and Godly environment...HEED is an amazing program that has helped me with multiple studies.  Through it, I have the opportunity to have such wonderful teachers, with a passion for what they teach, and it really shows through their work... HEED's incredible dual enrollment program allowed me to gain acceptance into my dream college: The United States Air Force Academy


  • HEED makes me feel like I'm not alone in the homeschool process.  


  • HEED's math teacher gives such great individual attention to each of her students. I'm thankful to have had a teacher like her who truly cares about my success in academics...Even the hardest Geometry concepts can be understood with her lucid explanations so that circles, squares, and triangles never lose their beautiful simplicity.... She is such a great teacher, she explains math so that it makes sense, and her devotion before class is so encouraging. ​


  • HEED English teacher Mrs. Frank knows how to bring English to life! There's never been a week where I haven't looked forward to her class...I love having Mrs. Frank as an English teacher because she cares about all her students as if they were her own children, builds a relationship with them, and does everything she can to help them succeed in her class...Mrs. Frates really makes every science class interesting, helping me to learn something new every week. Her passion for the subject is contagious...Mrs. Frank’s English class has been a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that has shown me how to be a one-of-a-kind writer. ..Mrs. Frank’s English class has helped to instill in me a love for writing. She is a teacher who truly cares about her students and loves what she does.


  • College Psychology has helped me retain knowledge about how the human body works and the way God designed us.  Moreover, Professor Williamson incorporates exercises, including worksheets, team projects, and vocabulary bingo to help her students fully grasp the information and bring the textbook material to life!.. Originally wary of the subject, Professor  Williamson has brought to life Psychology and allowed me to see how the textbook applies to my life in regards to family, cultural balances, and identity. Under a Christian perspective, this class has definitely changed the way I view healing, growth, and pain, which, in my opinion, is the ultimate goal of HEED’s curricula.

  • Mrs. Frank's College English class is my favorite. We always have fun in class, and the work is precisely what would be expected from a full-time college student… Professor Frank’s College English class has truly been my favorite English class by far. I have never before been able to go as in depth with literature as I have with her.

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