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We are committed to locating and securing qualified Christian independent expert instructors who are passionate about their subject to enrich your  home education program. 


HEED instructors include lawyers, scientists, engineers, pastors, college professors,  psychologists, accountants, high school teachers,  and more.  Real life experience combined with an excellent grasp of the subject and a passion to pour into the next generation are the characteristics that make HEED instructors the best! 



 Giovana Cavarretta (Civics, Finance, U.S. Geography)  


Giovana Cavarretta is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ and a wife and mother of three.  She and her husband, Sal, have served the Lord in full time ministry for over 25 years. She has enjoyed homeschooling her own children (2 are adults now and one is in high school) for the past 18 years.  Along with homeschooling, Mrs. Cavarretta has a passion for teaching and helping students of all ages to enjoy learning in fun and engaging ways.  Moreover, having been born and raised in Lima, Perú and having moved to the United States as a teenager, she’s experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to learn another language. Therefore, she desires to help her Spanish class students learn to communicate in Spanish while having fun in the process. Mrs. Cavarretta attended Florida Atlantic University and graduated with Honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. 


Heather Chada (Science)

Heather is a fully devoted follower of Christ, wife, and mother. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, and a Master’s Degree in Biology with a focus in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Marine Physiology. During Heather’s undergraduate research, she worked in an organic chemistry lab utilizing microbiology techniques to grow various strains of bacteria to test the antibacterial effectiveness of newly formed peptide chains. During her graduate research, she used molecular biology methods to extract and quantify proteins present in the tissues of green sea turtles suffering from fibropapilomatosis. In addition, she served as a contributing author to Practical Exam Review (PAR) by creating question sets for the anatomy & physiology test bank. Heather worked as the Biology TA Coordinator and taught Undergraduate Labs including: Comparative Vertebrate Morphology, Comparative Animal Physiology, and Anatomy & Physiology. After the completion of her Master’s Degree, Heather worked as the Biological Laboratory Supervisor at FAU and taught classes as an Adjunct Professor. Following the birth of her second child, Heather taught High School Science at Zion Lutheran and then Calvary Christian Academy. She taught high school AP Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, and Marine Biology. Heather also served as an Assistant Varsity Softball Coach and a Girls’ Small Group Leader. She currently loves homeschooling her children and helping other homeschool kids gain an understanding and passion for science.



Donna Kay Davis (Math)

Donna-Kay Davis has been an educator for over 25 years with experience teaching preschool through high school kids at her church, in co-ops, and in her home. With the help of the Lord Jesus, a great husband, and HEED, Donna-Kay has homeschooled all four of her kids (two daughters, two sons) from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Using non-traditional learning techniques, Donna-Kay tries to make math fun and understandable for the not-so-mathy student while helping kids see how math is practical for their everyday lives. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from
Miami Christian College (now Trinity International University), a Master's Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in children and families from Florida International University, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Currently she works at her church as the Preschool Ministry Assistant. She loves the Lord Jesus Christ, William (her husband of over 27 years), her family, and kids of all ages.  She also likes dogs, coffee, and chocolate.


Deb Grant (English)


Deb began her teaching career in 2004, completing education coursework at Florida Atlantic University and earning her teaching certification in English Grades 6-12. She taught middle school English and writing development at Spanish River Christian School from 2004-2017 and then began a new chapter as an educational consultant and as a HEED instructor. Her mission is equipping others to achieve excellence by serving with integrity and dedication. Prior to teaching, Deb worked in corporate human resources and training. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from DePaul University and a Masters in Human Resources and Training from Loyola University, both faith-based institutions in Chicago. Deb is a Chicago native and moved to Boca Raton in 2000 with her husband Bill and two daughters Nicole and Lauren, who are graduates of Boca Christian High School. Her favorite scripture verse is Philippians 4:6-7.


Mary Jones (Science,  Critical Thinking)


Mary Jones has been Homeschooling her six children for nearly 20 years and they have attended HEED over the past 10 years.  She has four children in college and her last daughter is in high school. She met her husband, Ashley Jones, in Gainesville where they both attended University of Florida. Mary graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. She is passionate about teaching science and her critical thinking class is a favorite among students at Heed. Her lively teaching style is also interactive and fun! 



Michelle Moody (History, Science)  


Michelle is originally from Nebraska. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northwest Missouri State University. She met her husband in St. Louis and then moved to Florida in 2001. She has homeschooled her 2 children since kindergarten.  Michelle has been teaching in the children's program at HEED for 5 years.  Additionally she is teaching Florida history and science (Marine Biology)  to our middle schoolers along with a three year History of the World series.  One of her greatest joys has been being a part of the HEED team.

Lori Murphy (Mixed Media Art)


Lori was born and raised in South Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree in Art Education from Mercer University. She taught art at Coral Springs Christian Academy for four years. Lori lives in Coral Springs with her husband Keith and daughter Melissa. who attended Westminster Academy. Lori loves art and is excited to be teaching at HEED.

Desirae Patterson (English, Math)


Desirae  is a true native of South Florida. She grew up in West Boca and graduated from Boca Christian. She studied Elementary Education at Florida Atlantic University and enjoyed her practicum hours teaching middle school classes. Desirae has been a teacher for the last 10 years in a Title 1 public school in Boynton Beach,. She got married last year on 4.3.21 and shortly after found out they were expecting. her son Theodore came along on 2.21.22 and has allowed this new opportunity to let Desirae finally dip her foot into HEED & home education. Desirae’s ultimate goal is to make learning fun and enjoyable. She has a unique ability to meet students where they are and connect with them quickly.

Shannon Sonsky (English, Math, Critical Thinking)

Shannon loves to teach!  With God's much needed grace and guidance, she has had the pleasure of homeschooling her two daughters since 2008.  Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, as well as a Master's degree and a Gifted Certification Endorsement.  She taught in the public school system for eight years, tutored elementary and middle school students privately for six years, and has taught elementary and middle school co-op classes for Homeschoolers.  Coaching her daughters' soccer teams has also been a thrill, and she currently helps lead Sunday School lessons.   Shannon is very excited to have the opportunity to teach at HEED.  Her goals are to help children think critically, work successfully with their classmates, and have fun in the process.


Nichole Salisbury (Math) 


Nichole Salisbury, a South Florida native, has been married to her husband Scott for over 20 years. Together, they have served the Lord faithfully in ministry at their local church. They have four children, 2 in college and 2 still being homeschooled. Nichole attended Florida Atlantic University and Palm Beach State College and received a degree in Nursing in 1999.  Nichole served on the Board of Directors of Boca Homeschoolers for three years. Along with homeschooling her four children, she currently works as a Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator, and Board Certified Lactation Consultant at a local hospital and in her private practice.  Nichole has a passion for teaching and considers it her mission to develop a lasting love for learning in her students by facilitating an enjoyable and engaging classroom atmosphere. In addition to her many commitments, Nichole is excited to partner with our HEED parents and participate with equipping their middle school students with the knowledge and skills they need to be well prepared for high school and higher level mathematics.  “For wisdom will fill your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy.” Proverbs 2:10. 

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