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It is our hope and prayer that all HEED families enroll in the Christian Foundations Track that we are introducing this year.  This 3 year track will reinforce the foundations of your student's faith and prepare them to understand what they believe and why they believe it.  Additionally, these three courses will be the preparation for high school that we believe every student needs.  These course can be taken in any order or concurrently.




What is our Middle School program like?

Our Middle School program serves as a bridge between our hands-on elementary program and our high school college/career prep program. Students build wonderful rapport with teachers and long-lasting friendships with their peers as they grow through their Middle School years. We rave about our excellent teachers and classes, especially that our students are well prepared to succeed in High School Math and English.  


What are the costs for HEED Middle School classes?

A registration fee of $100.00 will be charged per student. Individual class tuition is $645 and there are material fees or lab fees listed with each individual class. All tuition fees are due August 1. Students with a free period between classes that want to remain on campus will be required to do Study Hall for a fee of $250. Study Hall is only allowed for one period between classes. Each student will also be charged a $32 fee per class for the cost of armed security on campus.  


What is the Middle School class schedule?

Classes are 32 weeks long (30 academic weeks & 2 presentation weeks including Science Fair, Geography Fair, Art Show, Shark Tank, etc.) and are held at our NE Boca Raton location weekly on Tuesdays. The first class offered starts at 8:00 am and the last class offered ends at 3:25 pm. Families will select which individual classes they want to take from our six periods and may choose to take classes all day. The lunch period is available to students who have a class in both the morning and the afternoon.  


Are there any prerequisites?

Students are required to take a placement test for Math and English in grade 7 & above. 

Middle School Academic Events Include:

  • Science Fair

  • Invention Convention

  • Art Show

  • International Day

  • Live Wax Museum

  • Citizenship Ceremony

  • Geography Bee and More

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