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World Geography (6,7,8 grade)

Mrs. Giovanna Cavaretta

Materials Fee: $35

Course Description:

In our World Geography class we will explore all 7 continents and the unique cultures that live there. Through fun interactive activities students will gain experience with map reading using an atlas, create their own personal  geography notebook, or portfolio, develop critical thinking skills, study cultures and peoples, learn countries and capitals, hear missionary stories, and so much more.  Students will have the opportunity throughout the semester to present a project on each continent learned, and at the end of the school year, to participate in the World Geography Fair.  This class is a great foundation for a future high school world history class.

Required Curriculum:

National Geographic Student World Atlas 6th Edition Paperback - Student Edition, July 5th 2022;  (Available on Amazon)   Isbn: 978-1426373435  and

World Geography Teacher Created Resources, 3rd ed, ISBN 978-0-7439-3799-3

Personal Finance / Entrepreneurship (6 - 8 grade) (Offered in 2025-2026)

Mrs. Giovana Cavarretta 

Materials Fee: $50

Course Description:

In the Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship Class students will learn the basics of handling personal finances and how financial decisions will impact their lives, as well as, the basics of creating inventions and being an entrepreneur. We will study finance in the fall and entrepreneurship in the spring.  Finance topics include: God’s view on money, how to set up a budget, how to shop for a car, what is car insurance, learning about health insurance, the basics of investing, types of taxes, credit cards and managing credit, checking and savings accounts, and more.  To wrap up our Finance portion of the class, we will participate in the Junior Achievement’s Finance Park program (fall semester) in which students engage in a simulation where they are given a persona and are able to make a virtual budget and shop for the basic needs every adult needs to shop for, putting into practice the skills they have learned.  Students will also complete a Car Purchase Project (choosing a car, finding out insurance and financing information necessary to purchase the car). During our Entrepreneurship semester, students will be learning about the invention process and designing an invention of their own; students will also learn about entrepreneurship topics such as, what is an entrepreneur, business ideas, having a business plan and funding a new business.    At the end of the school year, students will be able to participate in a Shark Tank competition in which they will have the chance to create their own business idea, craft a pitch for their idea, and present their business plan to a panel of "Sharks" to convince them to "invest" in their business!


Curriculum Required:

JA Finance Park Student Book (provided by teacher)

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy 7th. ed. by Richard J. Maybury; ISBN: 0942617649; ISBN-13: 9780942617641 


U.S. Civics /Elections; U.S. Geography  (7,8 grade) offered in 2024-2025

Mrs. Giovana Cavarretta (offered 2024-2025)

Materials Fee: $35

​Fall Course Description: In this class, students will learn all about being citizens of our great country!  Topics will include: what is a citizen, citizen’s rights and responsibilities, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Our Nation’s foundations, our Federal government, the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, Elections, Voting, and Patriotic Holidays. As part of our learning, students will participate in engaging, hands-on activities; they will create a bill, they will participate in a Voting simulation and in a Courts Simulation.  After completion of this class, students will be able to pass a US Citizenship test (same test that is given to people seeking to become U.S. Citizens).  We will culminate our studies in Civics with a “U.S. Citizenship Swearing-in Ceremony”.

Spring Course Description: We will continue our studies of our great country state by state.  Students will be building their own U.S. Atlas complete with maps, historical facts, geographical facts and more. As we make our way around the United States, students will be learning about state histories, state capitals, unique geographical attributes, football teams and of course food!  The class will include lots of hands-on activities. We will culminate our year with an “All Around the USA potluck celebration”!  These classes are a great foundation for future civics and American history classes. 

Required Curriculum: States and Capitals History Student Study Guide, Memoria Press  ISBN: 9781615380510 and Desk Atlas of the United States by Geography Matters, ISBN: 978-1-931397-72-8


World History   (6,7,8 grade)  
Mrs. Michelle Moody

Materials Fee: $50 


MS World History Part 3 (Exploration/Modern Times) offered in 2024-2025 

(A student may take the history course that is available each year  without having taken any others.)  

Course Description:  The World's Story 3: The Modern Age (The Explorers through the Present Day) is a curriculum that takes inspiration from Charlotte Mason and is rooted in Christianity. It offers a comprehensive exploration of the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, complete with vibrant images, maps, and illustrations that make historical figures and events come to life. Starting with the age of exploration, this curriculum covers a wide range of topics including Russian history, the French Revolution, the Spanish Empire's downfall, the unification of Germany and Italy, both World Wars, the Cold War, and the establishment of Israel. Each chapter is written in an engaging, conversational style and includes "narration breaks" to encourage students to summarize what they have learned. Additionally, "new to known" sidebars provide interesting information on contemporary events around the world, and "connect" pages offer cultural insights. The curriculum also includes map activities with exercises designed to help students analyze and make connections.

Required Curriculum: The World's Story 3: The Modern Age Student Edition by Angela O’Dell (ISBN-13: 9781683440963)


MS World History 1 (Ancient History)  offered 2025-2026

Course Description:  

Have you ever wondered how God’s plan played into the development of early civilizations, or if Christianity changed how some ancient civilizations developed?  In this first-year course, students will examine these questions and more as we travel through the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.  Our adventure starts at Creation, continuing through Noah’s Flood, the New Testament Jerusalem, Taurus, early Christian missionaries and ending at the Roman Empire.  Each chapter focuses on a Christian perspective, with full color pictures, maps and engaging activities that bring ancient history to life.  The text is written in a story-based approach, as you meet many biblical figures, visit several major ancient civilizations, and trace the rise and fall of many empires. 

Our year will  conclude with a Live Wax Museum, where the students will each choose a famous person that they are excited to learn more about! Students will need to make a costume and a script for their character.  As “museum visitors” wander throughout the classroom, they will stop before each student and listen to a short speech about the life of the person they represent. 

Required Curriculum: The World’s Story Volume 1:  The Ancients (by Angela O’Dell) 

MS World History 2 (Medieval / Renaissance) offered in 2026-2027

Course Description:  In this second-year course in our world’s story, we continue our journey covering the Fall of Rome through the Renaissance.  Beginning at the Fall of the Roman Empire and continuing through the rise of Islam, medieval Chinese history, the rising dynasties in India, the Vikings, the Ottoman Empire and finally ending at the Americas during the Middle Ages.   Each chapter has Christianity as its focus and the full-color text brings to life historical figures.  Chapters are written in a story-based approach, with each chapter having a “connect” section where students will learn how to connect history to today.  The year will conclude with a Live Wax Museum.  Each student will pick a historical figure they are excited to learn more about. They will make a costume and script for their character.  As “museum visitors” wander through the classroom, they will stop before each student and listen to a short speech about the life of the character they chose. 

*Note Ancient History I is not required to take this class*

Required Curriculum: The World’s Story 2 Middle Ages, The Fall of Rome through the Renaissance by Angela O’Dell (ISBN-13: 9781683440949)

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