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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HEED?

The Home Education Enrichment Day was founded in 2004 in response to a significant need. Many homeschooling parents felt they needed assistance with their older high school students to help them finish strong. HEED’s standard of academic excellence, gifted instructors, college preparatory work, and like minded community has greatly benefitted over 1,000 local students in the Boca Raton area for the past 17 years. Many families have made HEED their trusted partner in educating their children. In addition to HEED's classes in Boca Raton, HEED is now offering that same excellent education to families across the country in our live online classroom format.

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Who founded HEED?

HEED was founded by three homeschooling moms, Sue Puchferran, Liz Barber and Jeanne Campbell, with backgrounds in engineering, law and psychology. Together they have over 70 years of combined experience educating their children at home, as well as assisting 100's of other families. HEED students have been accepted at 100 different universities, received countless scholarships,  and have gone on to every career imaginable.

Why are families wanting to home school their students?

Homeschooling is exploding as a viable choice for families wanting the best education for their children.  There are several reasons families choose to homeschool. 91% of homeschool families are concerned about the school environment. 77% want moral instruction and 64% want that to include religious instruction. 4% want better academics for their children.  

What is the most common concern for families making this decision?

 In the past home school critics would argue that home schoolers won't be socialized or won't be able to go to college.  These concerns have proven to be completely unfounded.  The home schoolers of yesterday are amazing, responsible young adults who are successful in all areas of study and in amazing careers across the spectrum.  

With previous concerns debunked, the main objection today is that families are afraid to embark on this scary journey into unchartered water. To some the responsibility seems overwhelming; but with HEED's help, you can experience the joys of successfully educating your children at home. We have over 70 years of combined experience and look forward to helping you along the way. 

How can HEED help?

As directors we bring 70 years of experience educating our own 12 homeschooled children and 16 years working together assisting home school families in South Florida.  We will help you to select courses, set up structure, and bring a quality education to your children.  We also help families with their sports, extracurricular, athletic, college, etc. questions and concerns.. You are not alone.  We meet as moms on the first Thursday of very month to be there for you and help you meet other families. 

What does HEED offer academically?

HEED offers a complete scope and sequence for K-12 students in a hybrid learning style that is at a college preparatory level. .  Today traditional schools are learning in the middle of a storm how to teach one or two days a week and have students then go out and work independently.  We have been practicing that "hybrid" model with our instructors and students for over 20 years. 

What is a homeschool hybrid learning program?

A homeschool hybrid learning program is a unique learning experience that utilizes the best elements of both homeschooling and classroom instruction taught online and/or on location. It allows for the benefits of the safe, relaxed environment of individual homeschool while still providing expert instruction, evaluation and accountability.


What hybrid educational opportunities does HEED offer?

HEED offers live local classes from grades K-12 in Boca Raton, Florida, as well as some  live interactive online classes for grades 6-12 that can be taken anywhere. Both options include dual enrollment opportunities to earn college credit.

Is HEED a school?

HEED is NOT a school, it is a homeschool hybrid learning program to be used as a tool for families educating their children at home. Some 6-12 grade students attend HEED for one or two classes while others opt to take a full day of classes. Qualified instructors teach interactive classes both live on location and live online, preparing lesson plans for students to master work throughout the week, and providing feedback and evaluation on each student's work. 


Does HEED adhere to any specific denomination?

HEED has no specific denominational or cultural focus and is doctrinally acceptable to a broad range of conservative Christian denominations. For more information, please see our statement of faith.


Does HEED have a Statement of Faith?

Click to view HEED Statement of Faith

Are families required to agree with the Statement of Faith?

Families attending HEED local classes are required to sign the Statement of Faith in agreement. Families enrolling in HEED  classes should understand that the classes are taught from a biblical worldview; and must agree to the beliefs set forth in the Statement of Faith.


When is enrollment?

Enrollment opens around April 1st for the following school year.


How does registration work?

  • Families open a family account in the RegiSTAR program and enter each student’s information.

  • Local students must submit letters of recommendation and participate in an interview after which HEED Directors will approve a family to move forward and select their HEED local classes. 

  • Online students do not need to submit letters or participate in an interview to be approved to select their online classes. 

  • After students are placed in a class, a deposit is required to hold their seat. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Tuition must be paid in full by August 1st. 


How do I know what math or English class my student is ready to take?

Students must take a placement test prior to placement in math and English classes only. Proper placement is essential to a student’s success. We want to be sure students are placed at the level in which they will be most successful. We do not want to keep them back or set them up for failure.


Are HEED instructors certified teachers?

Although many of them are, not all HEED instructors are certified teachers. We seek out and secure well educated experts who love God and are passionate about their respective subjects. HEED instructors include lawyers, scientists, engineers, pastors, college professors,  psychologists, accountants, high school teachers, and more. Real-life experience combined with an excellent grasp of the subject, and a passion to pour into the next generation are the characteristics that make HEED instructors the best! For bios of our instructors for each program,  see the Instructors page. 


What is the parent’s role?

The first and primary teacher of every child is their parent. We have taken all of the guess-work and uncertainty out of homeschooling by providing a complete homeschool hybrid learning program. The HEED instructor is a facilitator, instructing the student in class, while the parent oversees the student during the week. We provide you with the instruction and confidence, while you stay engaged in the process. Parents must oversee the work and see that it is submitted on time and with integrity. Parents must keep open communication with instructors; and are often asked to sign off on completed work, or to grade work with answer keys. Although many exams are automated online, parents may still have to proctor some exams and quizzes. HEED allows parents the time to discover and learn with their children and, more importantly, grow in their relationship.  


How does HEED pick their curriculum?

HEED curriculum is chosen based on the directors’ 75 years of combined experience educating students at home and preparing them for college and careers. We examine the scope and sequence covered, academic content, biblical worldview (where applicable) and learning compatibility with the home education platform. We use textbooks as well as living books. Our selections for middle school prepare students for success in high school. Our high school curriculum prepares them for college or a career. The elementary program uses a customized curriculum written by our instructors to bring creativity and adventure to learning.  


How do I know what courses my student should take?

Each level of the program has a scope and sequence listed on their program page that will help families see what courses are typically taken in which grade. But we are here to help. Just click on the Advising tab on the top menu.  It provides the help you need to customize the right courses for your student.  


Can my student select courses from different grade levels?

Appropriate placement is essential to a student’s success in any course. Consequently, students can select courses from different grade levels.  It is a high priority that students be placed in a class commensurate with their ability so they can best succeed.  All math and English classes require a placement test prior to the student placement.  College level dual enrollment courses are only available to students in grades 11 and 12.


What are dual enrollment courses?

Dual Enrollment classes are college classes for 11th and 12th graders. They count for both high school and college credit. HEED partners with Palm Beach Atlantic University to offer our students 24 college credits when they complete College English 1 and 2, College Algebra, Statistics, Psychology 1 and 2, US Government and Microeconomics.


Will my student get a grade?

HEED middle and high school students’ work will be evaluated by their instructors and in most cases, they will be given suggested grades. However, as homeschooling parents, ultimately your students’ grades come from you and you have the option to adjust their grades as you see fit. HEED Adventure elementary students do not receive grades. 


How many students are in a class?

Class sizes typically range from 6-16 students, with the exception of college classes, which may be larger.


Who provides the books for HEED classes?

For the majority of our classes, tuition does not cover books and materials. Some courses have a materials fee that covers lab supplies, digital courseware, materials, or curriculum. A complete list of required books and materials for each course is provided on the course description page of each of our programs. 


What does the program cost?

Fees are listed on the course descriptions page. After students are placed in classes, a deposit will be required to hold their seats. Partial payments can be made throughout the summer and all tuition must be paid in full by August 1. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


What forms of payment are available?

Payments can be made online by bank draft or credit card. The first payment for a class is due after a student is aproved for placement in the course. All payments are made online. We do not process payments by phone, email or postal mail. We are sensitive to the challenge of paying in full for multiple classes at one time, so we have a standard schedule for each term. A $100 registration fee per student and 25% of the total class fees is due upon placement in a class. Payments can be made throughout the summer with all tuition paid by August 1. 


What if my student misses a class?

Regular attendance is very important for success in a HEED class as students are receiving an entire week of instruction during their weekly class time.  However as a homeschooling family, we understand that flexibility is important at times.  If a student must miss a class they should always make arrangements ahead of time with their instructors so they do not fall behind. 


What technology will students need to participate in classes?

Students in local classes will require an at home computer with internet access and a working printer.   A


What platform do you use as your Learning Management System? 

The HEED Local middle and high school classes use our LMS called Toolbox. The HEED Adventures elementary program uses Google Classroom.


 How long is the school year?

The HEED High School courses are 32 weeks

The HEED Middle School courses are 30 weeks of classes and two weeks of presentation days. (science fair,  Shark Tank, International Day etc.   o

The HEED Elementary program is 26 weeks


Where are HEED local classes located?

HEED local classes meet at a wonderful location in NE Boca Raton, FL.


Do HEED local classes have a dress code?

Recognizing that different people have different standards of modesty, we ask students to proactively take a conservative approach to dress that reasonably avoids offense to anyone. Please see Handbook for specific dress code rules.  Click here to see Handbook. Students in HEED Local Adventures and HEED Local Middle and High School classes must wear uniform t-shirts. 


Can students stay and hang out at HEED local classes if they do not have a class?                                                                     

  • Because our space is limited HEED High School students may only stay at HEED if they have a free period between classes. They are not permitted to have more than one free period in a row. Students must not come early or stay late. 

  • If HEED Middle School students have a free period, they must sign up for a monitored study hall period at a cost of $100 a year (about $3.00 a day) or parents can opt to come and stay with their middle schooler or pick them up for their free period.\\\          


Does my local student get a lunch break?

All HEED Adventure students stay for lunch. HEED Local Middle and High School students are only permitted to stay during lunch if they have a class period both before lunch in the morning and a class after lunch in the afternoon. All students must bring their lunch from home.


Does HEED prepare students for college testing?

Our Math and English classes, along with our SAT and ACT prep class, have prepared our students for success in their college applications and in earning scholarships.  Our students have attended college and universities across the country and internationally. In addition, we have had many National Merit Scholars graduate from our program.


Does HEED issue transcripts?

HEED can provide record keeping for your student and produce a homeschool transcript for you for a fee. The records and support package is a great choice for those families desiring more assistance.  You will receive expert advice and guidance as you select classes and organize your homeschool experience. We also offer workshops to help you with this.

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