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Our Elementary Adventures Program provides an

excellent cooperative education, taught  by creative, loving

instructors, who support Christian home school parents

in their decision to home educate their children.

Our main priorities and convictions are centered around

demonstrating to your child the love of Jesus, while continually

sharing  with them the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.​

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HEED Adventures: 
It's not just an education,

it's an experience

where together we learn to 

love Jesus, love others & love learning!

Approach to Education

Adventures' building blocks of learning, creativity and innovation develop the necessary skills for the twenty-first century learner. Our holistic approach to education is designed to insure students reach academic milestones while instilling Biblical values to help students grow and nature.  We believe          learning can be fun! 

                       Profound  Learning 

We believe a Child's spiritual development and their reationship with Jesus Christ is the foundation for their education.  Adventures  also believes in Profound Learning, where children learn through interactive play  with adult direction.  Play is second only to parental influence in affecting behaviors and values. 

“The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living – hands-on, exploring, in active relationship with life.” -Vince Gowman

                       Profound  Learning 

Adventures focuses on developing the whole child, It is hands-on, discovery based, active, learning where subjects overlap and whereplay is paramount.  At Adventures we focus on the 7 C's of Profund Learning: 






Critical Thinking


Curriculum Recommendations

We recommend parents work at home on a Math and Language Arts curriculum of their choice to match your students learning style and academic level.  Some suggested  curriculums for Math HERE and for Language Arts HERE.


All HEED  Adventure programs meet at our campus in NE Boca Raton.  Adventures (K-12) is held from 8:45-3:00 on Thursdays. The  K4, Jr Adventures' program meets for a half day on Thursdays from 9-12. ​ The Innovations program (5-12) meets Fridays 9-12

Meet our Adventures Team

Adventures Directors


Please contact us at


Administrative Program Director:

Sue Puchferran 

(Christian Education AA, BioMed Engineering BSBE, Purdue University)

Administrative Program Director:                 

Sara Hoza MBA 

Administrative Program Director:

Allison Krause

(RN, BSN Palm Beach Atlantic University)

Innovations Program Director & Musical Director:

Sarah Puchferran

(Bachelors of Arts in Theology & Music Liberty University)


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