You CAN homeschool and we can help.

We want you to understand that we have been right where you are when we first began this journey. Information 

overload and well-meaning advice often left us feeling more discouraged than encouraged. We have all also struggled with the fear that we would “mess up” our children and ruin their futures.  All of that changed once we sat down with a veteran home school mom and a mentor.  That’s where WE CAN HELP you.  

Academic Advising Appointments 

As veteran home school moms and the directors of the Home Education Enrichment Day, we    are here to help! ​For the past 16 years it has been our primary goal to empower and equip over 1,000 families like yours to educate their children at home. With over 70 years of homeschooling experience, we meet with families to answer their questions about scope and sequence, curriculum, grades, transcripts, testing, college applications, NCAA requirements, Bright Futures, scholarships and more. 


HEED Director, Sue Puchferran, is available for individual academic counseling appointments. 

At this 60-75 appointment you will complete an individualized scope and sequence for your

student, and we will answer all of your high school and college questions. 

Initial Academic Appointment for non-HEED student (60-75 minutes) $150.00  

Initial Academic Appointment for a HEED student (60-75 minutes) $125.00 

Annual Follow up Appointments $100.00/student


HEED’s “Support Package”   for HEED families  includes an initial 60-90 minute advising appointment in grade 8 or 9 and 2-3 additional meetings to update your personalized scope and sequence plan throughout high school.

HEED’s “Expanded Support Package” for HEED families includes what is included in the Support Package as well as an annual transcript each year in high school, and a final high school transcript.


To order the Home School, High School Handbook,

Completing the Journeyby Sue Puchferran click here

Price: $25.00 donation to HEF* + $5.00 shipping

Sue has completed home schooling four of her own children

who are now in their careers as a doctor, lawyer, nurse and CPA 

*HEF is the Home Education Foundation, our Florida lobbyist,

Brenda Dickinson, a home schoolers voice at the capitol. 



Academic Advising FAQ


Many of the questions below, as well as many more, are answered in our homeschool, high school handbook, Completing the Journey.  See below for more details.


What classes do you offer for elementary ages?

For ages 5-12 our Adventure day is set up to give students the experience of learning in a fun, exciting, hands-on environment. Our Adventures expand on what is being taught at home through Living books and multimedia resources. The latest brain science now shows us that real learning happens through experience, context and excitement.  We don’t use grades in Adventures, but instead encourage families to work through different levels until their student is ready for middle school.  We encourage every family to work through their own math and language Arts program at home along with the activities done weekly at Adventures. This allows young students to learn at their own level and pace. See the Adventure page for more information.

How do I know my middle schooler is taking the right classes?

Our priority in middle school is to make sure students are first grounded in their foundations in math and English. A solid foundation in math and English are crucial for students to be successful in high school and beyond. In addition, for middle schoolers, we offer fun, interactive science and social science classes along with an art or critical thinking (grade 8) elective. This fun day of middle school learning at HEED with friends leads to not only solid foundations in Math and English, but more importantly a love for learning and a chance to make great friendships.


Can my student take high school classes in 8th grade?

Home schooled students can take high school classes prior to grade 9.  At HEED (high school and online) we offer our high school science and Math classes to 8th graders.  


What classes does my student need for high school?

​In Florida there are no state requirements. However, we do believe that students should take credits similar to the public schools or the best private schools in order to be best able to compete for college admittance (21-28 credits)


What counts as a credit for high school?

A high school credit is decided upon by the curriculum that a student is using.  If you use a high school book; it is a high school credit.  If you use a middle school textbook; it is not a high school credit.  Classes that do not use a textbook, self-directed classes can also count as a high school credit for a high school student. 130 hours of study or activity = 1 credit.


Where do I get a diploma or a transcript?

It differs by state, in Florida a parent oversees their student’s transcript by creating that document or having it created for them. (Our support program will do that). Diplomas are distributed by either parents or support groups. These can be purchased online.

Do classes need to be accredited? 

No, not in the state of Florida or many other states. Your legal document of graduation is a notarized “statement of completion.”  We recommend families attach this short statement to their transcript to make that their legal document.  This information is included in the high school handbook, Completing the Journey” available from HEED.

How can students earn college credits in high school?

High School students can earn college credit by passing a test in that subject (CLEP test, AP test).  Necessary test preparation usually proceeds taking those tests including completing an AP level coursework. Most of our HEED Students complete the 24 dual enrollment courses we offer and also enroll in 8-21 additional credit at the local Florida state college or university.

When can my child earn dual enrollment credits?

Our Dual enrollment courses taught through Palm, Beach Atlantic University allows students in grades 11 and 12 to dual enroll and earn 24 credits. Students can enroll in local colleges even younger.

What do colleges require from home schoolers?

Colleges are interested in the SAT or ACT scores of home schoolers especially since home schoolers do not have official GPA’s or class rankings. A transcript of successful college dual enrollment credits or is also a great benefit.

Can my child play NCAA sports?

Yes, we have numerous home schoolers who have gone on to play Division 1 sports.  Some additional paperwork and record keeping is required.

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