Radical Relationships was a big success.  We had 50 middle schoolers and 80 high schoolers participate! On our parent night we had almost 100 parents participate. We hope you were blessed by all of the events. Check out the HEED facebook page for pictures.

We would like to do a mini Radical Relationships follow up next March rather than wait two years.  This would be a 3 hour seminar for students on Building Heathy Relationships part 2 and also a two day marriage event for parents.  We'll be sharing more next fall.




If you’ve been around HEED for very long then you have probably heard about Radical Relationships. In the past 15 years we have offered this conference every other year.  This spring we will be bringing back our awesome speakers for the 8th time.  Every year this evening does not disappoint and the feedback we receive from families has been so very positive.  Over the last 15 years topics have ranged from peer pressure to pornography, from social media traps to friendships, from sexual identity to dating. We have talked about it all and it has helped make our families closer and our community stronger. Our speakers, Kim and Darlene Unrau have the unique gift of being able to  connect with their audience while at the same time sharing information about healthy relationships that minister to our families in a powerful way.  They come to us from their home in Western Canada, but they take this message of relationship around the world having traveled to Thailand and Uganda this winter. It’s cold in Canada so we think they like coming here as much as we like having them.  When you meet Kim and Darlene, you instantly meet two new friends.  We hope you will have that opportunity this March.  Please invite your pastors, parents, neighbors especially youth pastors to join us on for this parent evening.


Parent Night:  

This year Impacting Parents to Impact Their Students will be the topic for our parent night. It will be a time of equipping parents to connect with their children and also sharing with parents what will be shared with their students. This evening you will be in for a treat as we laugh and learn how to have a radical relationship with our own teens.  How do you connect with your teens in this culture of social media and distractions?  Kim and Darlene will share truths and techniques that I believe will prove valuable for years to come.  As you strengthen your connection with your teen, you will be better able to pour truth into their lives.  We have some CD’s of past conferences in our office if you are interested in listening.  No ticket is required for the Parent Night, but we appreciate your RSVP so we can plan.


Middle School Event: 

The middle schoolers will gather for their session at Victory Church (just a couple of miles from HEED) at 4:00 for an afternoon and an evening of games, dinner and talks about truth.  Kim and Darlene will talk to them about their relationships with their parents, families, friends and friends of the opposite sex. Topics discussed in the past have included how to connect better with parents, peer pressure, guarding their hearts and protecting the hearts of others, pornography and social pressure. A Middle School dinner ticket is required to attend this event.


High School Event: 

Saturday afternoon and evening  will be our high school event. We’ll have volleyball, dodgeball, and dinner prepared. There will be sessions dealing with some of the difficult subjects our teens are dealing with today.  Several discussions about all the relationships in their lives and making healthy choices. We will have more on the topics for this evening as the Lord reveals to us the precise direction for this evening. A High School dinner ticket is required to attend this event.


Fund Raising:


We raise funds so that we don’t charge any admission fees.  Our expenses include our speakers' travel expenses, and an offering for them, the cost for the facilities and expenses of holding a three day event.   If everyone just does a little something to pour into the next generation for this event, we could have this entire budget covered in no time.  You can make checks out to HEED and drop a check by the office or use your credit card to donate. This is an investment in your family and when we invest together as a community it has an even greater effect. 

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