5-12 yrs. Learning Adventures

If you are looking for friends, community, encouragement and information on homeschooling ADVENTURES is the place! 


Ages 5-12 (K4 Program available too) 

Thursdays in NE Boca Raton  (8:30-2:30)

Small Classes 

The Power of Play in Learning:

Imagine a place where the educational power of play is returned to the learning.


Imagine a day where students play and explore  to build their knowledge, and develop problem solving skills.

Imagine a learning environment where stress is reduced, joy is increased all while preparing students with their future-ready skills. 


Adventures is a Christ-centered learning approach to education designed to help students love learning and reach academic milestones while instilling Biblical values to help students grow and mature.

Thursday, May 6 2021  7:00pm  Spring Musical Production

2021-2022 Adventures Fees

$100 Registration Fee (Includes 1 Adventure T-shirt) 

$100 deposit required with application. Refundable if WE do not place

you in the program..

$2000 Tuition Fee 

$250 Supply, Materials & Production fee 

(Due $750 May 1, $750 July 1, $750 Sept 1)

 All other  tuition and fees are non-refundable. 



Adventure *TRAILS (Thematic Reading Adventures In Literature Studies)

Using the unit study approach to learning, TRAILS will introduce one book per week in class, and then families will engage in a daily reading of the book at home during that week. The following week in TRAILS students will explore the science, social studies, language arts, geography, art, Bible, history, and even cooking activities that correlate and are inspired by our book choice. Class will consist of many hands-on projects and interactive activities that will overflow into adventures at home. This curriculum will surround your child with award winning literature and foster in them a life-long love of learning and love for reading as they travel around the world through literature. In TRAILS, children will learn to think and reason and understand the deeper connections that God created in this world and how His creation fits

together according to His plan. Parents are encouraged to be working through an age appropriate language arts program at home with their child. Language arts curriculum suggestions are available for interested families.

Backyard Scientists' Adventures Our youngest adventurers will experience science by being able to touch, see, hear, smell, and taste what science is really all about. We will strive to provide an atmosphere that is both interesting and fun. Our focus is on keeping our learning environment  engaging for all children participating in our adventures. You'll know the power of hands-on science adventures when you see them in action—whether it’s a static balloon that stands your

child's hair on end or an erupting volcano that spews baking soda all over the room. The concrete nature of experiments  allows your students to observe science at work and creates a love for science and learning.

US States Adventures This adventure will prepare younger students to understand our great country and the 50 states that make it great. By studying each state, capitols, geography, history, sports teams, and food through fun activities, Adventurers will build their own Atlas each week after eating Philly cheesesteaks or making Hawaiian Leis! Students will grow to love their country while they love learning about their country.

Adventure History (1,2,3)  Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance. (Psalms 33:12 NIV) In American history adventures we will embark on a journey that will take us through the birth and development of our great nation. Along the way we will read engaging literature, participate in exciting hands on activities and learn fascinating new information. Our desire is that each week we see God's hand in our history! Our weekly Adventures

will be mostly hands on activities. In our three-year interactive study of American History, whether they are preparing the first Thanksgiving feast in year one or panning for gold during the gold rush in year two or reenacting the Battle of the Bulge in year three, our adventurers will be experiencing history first-hand. Additionally, students will be building an American History notebook of Information, written activities and projects to chronicle their year and save memories. Parents will be provided a reading syllabus in order to best prepare their student for each adventure. After the adventure each week, activities, and project ideas for the students will be provided for them to continue their adventure at home during the week and build their history notebooks.

STEM Activities In all of our adventures, Adventurers will explore interactive math activities that support the math concepts for their ages. To better understand math concepts, they will be engaging in activities inside and outside, measuring tree trunks to learn about circumference or measuring the basketball court to learn about area all while having fun.  Our students will also learn about using natural science and physics to build, create and solve problems. A reading list is provided for families to reinforce the fundamentals children are learning in their adventures and parents are also given activities to do at home during the week. Adventurers will also be participating in brain games and math puzzles helping them to prepare for higher level critical thinking. Parents are expected to be working through a level appropriate math program at home. Curriculum suggestions are provided for families who are interested.

Adventure Trails in Literature  Join us for weekly adventures that will take us to places we have never been before as we explore books through the creativity of art, music, poetry, movement, and words! The books we choose will be age appropriate and will connect to our unit topics. All classes will have hands-on art projects connecting to each student’s creativity. Our adventurers have nicknamed this time "art-i-ture" for the weekly art activities. Throughout the course students will complete a series of projects, culminating in a portfolio to be displayed at the end of each semester. Parents are encouraged to be working through an age appropriate language arts program at home with their child. Language arts curriculum suggestions are available for interested families.

Adventure Creation Science Our science adventures will bring together the wonders of God’s world and a Biblical worldview. Students will acquire valuable skills through age-appropriate scientific inquiry while gaining a deeper appreciation of God’s creation. This adventure is designed for the student to get a broad sampling of the major fields of science and to be “hands-on” with as many in- class experiments as possible. Each adventure will be devoted to experiments where the students can see actual cause and effect in action. Our lab time is filled with exciting learning

and discovery on a particular topic. With inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities, your children will work both individually and in small groups. They will participate in class demonstrations, discuss science principles and concepts, learn new science terminologies, and apply the scientific method as these activities are carried out. Also, each student will learn how to document and draw conclusions from each experiment. Using the lab’s endless supply of science materials, students will develop excitement and curiosity for everything related to science. Some areas of

exploration may include, but are not limited to: the senses, things that rot, dinosaurs, wetlands of Florida and its creatures, meteorology & wild weather, ocean life, things that fly, astronomy & a mission to Mars, forces & motion, fossil exploration, Entomology & the dissection of bugs, Chemistry, and forensic science.

Adventurers Art & Music Adventurers will enjoy mixed media arts and crafts. Five weeks of each semester will be music classes in preparation for our Christmas Adventure Production and Spring Patriotic Concert. All Adventure students will have the opportunity to be in both of the productions.