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How to Make your own Community Micro School?

Our own local Home Education Enrichment Day (HEED) began over 16 years ago with a twofold purpose. The first was to secure quality instructors who were experts in their field, had a passion for their subject and as well as a passion for teaching our youth. Our second purpose was to bring our children together in a like-minded community for fellowship and friendship.  This model has proven successful on both accounts. Our local HEED has over 175 students each year.  Today Micro-schools are in great demand and we are here to use our experience and resources to help you establish your own HEED.  Micro-schools are the result of rethinking the traditional educational model to better prepare children for the future. HEED's Micro-schools are small, private groups of students who are empowered to learn together with their peers, with expert, passionate instructors and college prep curriculum.  Our students complete over between 1-2 years of college while in high school.  All students are registered with their counties as home educating students. Parents remain the ultimate authority and HEED provides the tools that they will use to help their child learn and love learning.  

Online Class
Socializing Online

Now with our online platform, we can offer a similar opportunity to families across the country. Students learn one or two mornings a week in live interactive online classrooms with expert instructors teaching through HEED Classes platform (see online schedule) On the other community days they gather to socialize, complete their schoolwork and participate in extra curricular activities together. This allows students to work together, but at different grade levels.  It also allows for enrichment days to be overseen by adults who do not necessarily have to be teachers or tutors.  Students can always reach out to their HEED instructors with their questions.  

Now What? 

We are here to answer all of your questions.  We have years of experience to share with you. Students can sign up for classes individually through HEED and we would handle all of the curriculum and teachers and record keeping if requested for families.  Parents or local leaders would organize their own community enrichment day or days to fit the specific needs of their groups.  Contact HEED for community tuition discount information for the students in your program. 

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