History Adventure

Adventures  provides an excellent standard of education  combined with exciting "Adventures" taught in Boca Raton, Florida by creative,  loving instructors to support Christian home school parents in their call to home educate their children. Our main priorities and convictions are centered around demonstrating to your child the love of Jesus, while continually sharing with them the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.​

Moms meet at 9:00am every other Thursday for encouragement, fellowship and networking. 

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July 15 - Park Day

August 12 - Park Day

September 2 - Parent Night

September 9 - First Day of Adventures 2021-2022

October 21 - No Adventures, fall Break

November 25 - No Adventures, Thanksgiving Break
December 9 - Last day of fall Adventures (Christmas Break) 

January 13 - Spring Adventures begins 

March 10 - Spring Break

April 21 - Last Day of Adventures  & Spring Musical