Academic Advising

Advising Appointments

At HEED we feel it is imperative for every family to have a plan for the high school journey. After our advising appointments you will understand:

Middle or High School Academics           (Scope & Sequence), Grades & Transcripts

PSAT, SAT, ACT Preparation, Scheduling & Testing & Record Keeping, AP, CLEP, Dual Enrollment Credits, College Scholarships including Bright Futures, College Essays & Applications, DOE Annual County Evaluations Available, What to do with my Accelerated Learner, How to Best Complete High School with a Struggling Learner, How to keep records for NCAA athletics

Initial Appointments $150


Initial Appointments (HEED families) $125

Follow up appointments $100 

Academic Advisor

HEED Director Sue Puchferran home schooled her four children for 17 years.  She is a past president of Boca Home Schoolers, a board member of the The Home Education Foundation (fForida's Home School lobby), one of the founders and current board members of HEED, and the author of the high school handbook, Completing the Journey. 

With a track record of placing students in colleges across the United States, helping students earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships, and seeing numerous students go on to graduate schools including her own children who studied in the fields of law, medicine and accounting, Sue has the answers to assist home educating parents as they plot their student’s journey.  

High School Handbook

This handbook has up to date information for every parent of a home schooled high schooler. It contains everything you need to navigate high school and prepare your student for college or their career ahead. 

All proceeds from the sale of the book ($25) go to the Florida Home Education Foundation, our home school lobbyist, Brenda Dickinson.

“And all my children shall be taught of the LORD;

and great shall be their peace.” 

 Isaiah 54:13

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