Mission Statement

To serve God by assisting families in their call to

home educate their children.  HEED Adventures

for (K-5) accomplishes this through weekly creative and

innovative hands on activities and learning adventures

in Boca Raton, FL.

Philosophy of HEED

HEED Adventures is not a school but instead a one day a week, hands on adventure that help home educating parents enrich their home education program. We believe it is the responsibility of parents to train the minds of their own children to think rationally and Biblically, to discern truth, and express thoughts clearly and persuasively. HEED Adventures assists parents by providing students opportunities to learn with other students.


HEED Adventure administrators are: Susan Puchferran, Sara Hoza, and Allison Krause.

Adventure Administrators commit to:

  • Seek to match instructors gifted in working with the age appropriate learning needs of students. Criteria for instructors will include a love for the Lord, educational experience, ability to teach with creativity and innovation, personal integrity, and a love for learning.

  • Provide learning adventures and experiences that are both grade appropriate and that develop future ready academic skills.

  • HEED Adventures require that administrators and instructor candidates undergo a criminal background check.

  • Administrators reserve the right to replace one instructor with another during the year.

  • Provide an active website and updates to inform Adventure families of all pertinent information and announcements.

  • Provide a Google Learning Classroom System for families to access weekly adventure information

  • Serve as a liaison with our host facility.


Instructors Commit to:

  • Provide quality instruction and adventures in a Christian environment.

  • Provide parents with a class syllabus and with weekly activity schedules for parents to “dig deeper” and continue learning at home.

  • Communicate with parents on their child’s progress or any issues concerning their child in the program.

  • Maintain a Google Learning Page for their class.

  • Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a Biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.


Parents Commit to:

  • Purchase supplemental books and materials suggested by the program

  • Pay all tuition monies timely. No students are permitted to attend classes with a tuition balance. 

  • Attend Open House Adventure Night to meet with the administrators and instructors prior to classes beginning.

  • Attend Adventures at least two days a year to help oversee the children during the day.

  • Be involved in their student’s work and use it as a springboard for learning at home during the week.

  • Learn the Google Learning System to access a student’s home adventure suggestions.

  • Communicate with instructors, to inform them ahead of time of planned absences.

  • Make sure their students arrive on time for classes (no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class) dressed in their adventure T-shirts and shorts or long pants and sneakers.

  • Pick up their children in a timely manner at the end of the day.

  • Support and help enforce the Adventure policy regarding no student’s with cell phones, smart watches, tablets or electronic devices.

  • Parents, obey the Adventures dress code of modesty when on Adventure’s campus.

  • Obey all traffic rules on campus including driving very slowly in the parking lot.

  • We will be offering a morning "Gathering" for homeschool encouragement and fellowship. Childcare will be provided for younger children.

  • Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a Biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.

  • If a student does not possess self-control at Adventures and is a distraction in class, at the directors’ discretion a parent may be required to attend the day with their student until the situation is resolved. 

  • Review with their children the policies set forth in this Adventures Handbook at the beginning of each year.


Students commit to:

  • Abide by the dress code: HEED Adventure students must wear their HEED adventure T-shirts.  They may wear shorts or jeans (skirts are not recommended due to outside playtime activities). Sneakers or closed-toed shoes are also required.

  • Be completely potty trained (if not parents must stay at Adventures with their students.)

  • Demonstrate the self-control to participate in group activities without being a distraction.  Students lacking in this area will need to have a parent stay with them in class until they are able to demonstrate self-control to stay alone.

  • Demonstrate kindness and respect to administrators, instructors and their fellow students.

  • The administrator on duty will have a cell phone for students to use during the day; parents will also have that number.

  • Attempt to handle all difficulties and conflicts with integrity and in a Biblical manner, according to the guidelines of Matthew 18:15-17.